Climb Lafayette

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The Climbing Walls


Our Climbing walls are built with locally sourced products including the steel studs that are placed 24" on center.  This allows for minimal flex in our panels to safely allow for a maximum carrying capacity.  The wood paneling is made from 3/4" cabinet grade plywood which have been sprayed to give the wall some texture for optimal foot smearing!  

The Padding

At Climb Lafayette, safety is our main concern.  Our padding

from Futurist Climbing is made in the USA down to the thread

with high quality foam and vinyl cover.  Although knowing

how to fall correctly is vital to keep in mind while bouldering,

we understand that the quality of padding is a large factor in

how safe you feel. 

Owner Bios

Kyle Batta- He has been climbing since 2012.  He first started out solely as a jogger in 2011 and managed to lose an incredible 96 lbs.  Frequently on his jogs he daydreamed about what new activities he could try and do now that he felt comfortable in his abilities to do any physical activity.  For the next step he tried skydiving out on a vacation in California.  After that he wanted something that he could do more often so he set out to try indoor rock climbing.  From the first time he climbed, he fell in love with the physical and mental aspects of climbing.  Since that point he has been hooked.  Thanks to his mom, he was able to build a wall in his mom’s garage to practice on.  From there he started to play around with the idea of leaving his mediocre desk job to bring a gym to his local area since the closest gym was an hour away.  After a long 2 ½ years of learning and problem solving, the gym finally came to life.  To Kyle, Climb Lafayette is not just about the ability to climb more frequently, but it is about sharing his love of the sport with the community. 

Kelly Dugger- She has been climbing since 2013.  After a one time experience rock climbing in high school Kelly moved away to college in Lafayette where she eventually made her home.  Although she always wanted to try climbing again it was not until she met Kyle that she again had the opportunity to go climbing along with a climbing partner and developed an affinity for the sport.  Although Kelly maintains her career as a pharmacist, she is excited to help bring climbing to Lafayette and spread the love of climbing to her community.

About Us


Having grown up in Lafayette, we love this city, but felt that it was missing something. Climbing is a fun, community driven sport that we felt could solve that problem.

Our goal was not just to add another physical activity to the community. Climb Lafayette is about having a friendly, supportive, nonjudgmental environment balanced around this physical activity.  We are excited to share our passion for climbing with our hometown. Come experience rock climbing at Climb Lafayette!