Climb Lafayette

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Our Services

Being the only dedicated indoor rock climbing facility in the area, we offer two different types of climbing: Bouldering, and Top Rope.  We also offer auto belays to anyone that wants to climb Top Rope alone.  We also cater to Birthday Parties, Boy Scout Events, Corporate Team Building Events, Church Group and any other type of events you may have. 

Climbers must be at least 4 years of age to climb!


Bouldering is a type of free climbing that requires no ropes or harness. 

 We have 14" of top of line padding for climbers to fall on. Although

knowing how to fall correctly is important while bouldering, we feel the

padding is just as important as the climbing walls themselves. At

Climb Lafayette, safety is our main concern.

  • We have the largest free standing bouldering structure in Indiana
  • We have 65+ Bouldering problems (routes) on the wall at one time
  • Difficulty rating from V0-V8
  • We have 14" of industry leading padding.
  • 16 Feet Tall Walls

To see pictures of our bouldering structure CLICK HERE!

Top Rope

Climbing with ropes and harnesses on the taller walls at our facility is referred to as top rope climbing. Two people are required for this type of climbing-- a climber and a belayer, who is responsible for the safety of the climber.  The belayer stays on the ground and acts as the anchor, taking slack from the rope, as well as lowering the climbing back down to the ground.  All lanes have knots pre-tied and are equipped with Petzl Gri Gri 2 for simplified set up and extra safety. One must be 15 years old to belay.  Belay certifications take approximately 5-10 minutes. 

  • 12 Top Rope Lanes
  • 2 Auto Belays
  • 45+ Top Rope Routes
  • Difficulty rating from 5.5-5.12
  • One of a kind crack feature formed out of cement

To see pictures of our Top Rope walls CLICK HERE!

Auto Belay

Our auto belays allow people to climb on the top rope wall

without a belayer.  The auto belay takes up the slack as the

climber is climbing.  It safely lowers the climber when they

let go or fall off. 

  • 4 Auto Belay Devices
  • Access to 16+  routes on the auto belays
  • Weight limit is 25 lbs - 310 lbs

To see pictures of our Auto Belay Devices CLICK HERE!