(Frequently Asked Questions)


What is bouldering?

-Bouldering is a style of climbing with no ropes, no harnesses.  Nothing but the pad to catch you if you fall.  Bouldering is tends to be more difficult then top rope climbing.

What is top rope?

-Top rope is traditionally what you think of with ropes and harnesses.

What should I wear to climb in?

-You will want to wear something that is comfortable and flexible.

What is the minimum age for a climber?

-Our minimum climbing age is 4 years old.  

Can I wear my own shoes to climb?

-Outside shoes must be approved and designed for rock climbing only.  Trail or hiking shoes are not appropriate for this type of activity.

How long can you climb for?

-All of our passes are good for the whole day.  There is no time limit.  We see on average people staying around 1 1/2 - 2 hours.