First Visit


Step 1. Waiver

If it is your first time at Climb Lafayette, you will need to fill out a waiver.  You must 18 years or older to fill out the waiver, otherwise it must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.   Our Waiver is made available online.  That way you can print it and fill it out ahead of time.  If not, we will have plenty at Climb Lafayette for you.  Everyone that intends to climb or belay will need to fill out a waiver. Even if not participating, parents of young climbers will need waivers if they are going to be assisting on the mats.


Step 2. Climbing Pass and Rental Equipment

There are two main pass types, a Bouldering Only pass or Full Climbing pass which adds on our top rope section.  The different climbing types can be found on our Services page.  Feel free to ask if you are unsure which to purchase.  You can find our prices HERE.

Rental gear will be required for anyone that does not own their own climbing shoes and harness.  No harness is required for those only bouldering.  Outside shoes must be approved and designed for rock climbing only.  Trail or hiking shoes are not appropriate for this type of activity.


Step 3. Gym Rules and Orientation

Upon arriving, each customer will be given a tour of our facility and a run through of the rules of the gym.  Each customer that is 15 years or older will have the opportunity to become belay certified for our facility.  Each class will take approximately 5 minutes per belayer.  We will ensure each and every customer is comfortable with both climbing and belaying during this session.  Your safety and comfort is our main priority.  After everyone has passed, then you are free to climb!  


Step 4. Have Fun and Climb Safe

Our passes will last the entire business day, so you are more than welcome to come and go as many times as you like during any given day a pass is purchased.  In fact we encourage it, because we love to see customers that cannot get enough climbing in on their first visit.